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Introducing our newest course TIA Advance from Nikini Learning for complex control and programming

TIA Advance with Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is a unique engineering platform developed by Siemens to cater to the newer SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for setting up new stations, parameterize and programmes. It provides unrestricted access to a complete range of digitalized automation services and offers a broader flexibility by connecting to the management level.

Modern day processes are fast and complex and needs to be carried out more efficiently to meet market requirements. Such processes need powerful and reliable hardware & software for perfect engineering and networks between such devices need to be redundant for non-stop work times. Further, controlling and monitoring machines remotely has become one of the key asks from manufactures which could be easily catered through GSM and GPRS technologies. TIA Portal provides the environment to parameterize all such Siemens devices in a single platform offering the best integrity for Control, Human Machine Interface, Drives, Switchgear, Decentralized peripherals and Motion control.

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Nikini is offering TIA Advance as a 7 day course.

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Further details of TIA Advance with Nikini Learning:

Course aims

* Understand advance components of SIMATIC S7-1200/ S7-1500 PLCs

* Reliably operate TIA Portal engineering platform (Software) to create, simulate and monitor

advance STEP 7 programmes * Study of complex data types, indirect addressing, different programming techniques and

special functions

* Perform PID algorithms * Configure and parameterize hardware of SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 PLCs

* Configure and integrate PLC’s to industrial networks Profibus, Profinet, Modbus and GPRS

* Perform error handling using CPU organization blocks (OBs)

* Monitor and control through web configuration * Study of diagnostic and maintenance techniques to fix hardware and programme errors

Course objective

The course TIA Advance is based on TIA portal platform to expand knowledge on advance programming techniques, integration of multiple devices and remote distribution.


Successfully completed Introduction to Siemens S7 – 1200 PLC course (IPLC)

Target group

* PLC Programmers * Engineering personnel * Maintenance personnel * Service personnel

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