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  • Siemens S7 300 PLC & STEP 7 ​

    The course provides a hands-on practice with the practical aspects of Programmable Logic Controller applications while understanding the construction and operation of PLC. Thereby, enabling you to write, simulate and implement advanced control systems. Topics covered: Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Installation, wiring and hardware configuration. CPU and input/output interfaces. Internal memory of PLC Commonly used instructions (bit logic, timers, counters, mathematics). Linear and structured programming. Subroutines and interrupt routines. Analog value processing. Overview of function blocks, data blocks and organization blocks. Online monitoring and guidelines for fault finding. Interfacing HMI with PLC. PID controllers. Introduction to industrial communications. Practical sessions

  • Siemens S7-1200

    To equip the participants with knowledge of construction and operation of PLC while enabling them to write and simulate simple control systems. Topics covered: Introduction to S7 1200 PLC Introduction to TIA software Installation and hardware configuration of a PLC Internal memory of a PLC CPU and digital input/output interfaces Programming instructions Monitoring and debugging PLC programs 

  • Online - Pneumatics & Electro-pneumatics

    Characteristics and applications of Electro-pneumatics Components, symbols & standards of an Electro-pneumatic Sensors and their applications Development of circuits for Electro-pneumatics Integration of Solenoid DCVs Introduction to multiple actuators control Simulation using FLUIDSIM software Self-evaluation Requirements - Internet capability with video.

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  • About Us | Nikini Learning - Industrial short courses | Colombo

    Who are we? ABOUT US Nikini Learning, a division of Nikini Automation Systems (Pvt) Ltd, is Sri Lanka’s most innovative industrial automation resource centre that utilises the latest technology and teaching methods to develop engineers and technicians of all levels across industries. Nikini Learning offers comprehensive and practical hands on courses covering a wide range of automation and renewable technologies including pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, programmable logic controllers, servo and stepper motor applications and renewable energy. Our courses leverage Nikini's industrial expertise, applying latest knowledge and skills demanded currently by industries in Sri Lanka.

  • Our Services | Nikini Learning 2021

    Nikini Learning Services Industry Short Courses Nikini Learning leverages Nikini Automation's innovation and expertise as a leading engineering company and partner to industries for more than 30 years, to formulate industry short courses that will sharpen participants’ knowledge and provide practical hands-on experience across many automation fields. Whether you are looking for the basics or more advanced and specialised knowledge in Industrial Automation, our programs are suited to anyone needing a practical look at all facets of industrial automation and renewable energy. They are ideal to up-skill and/or cross-skill in a particular area and will provide students with critical knowledge and practical tools that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Internships (in plant training) Nikini Internships provides an opportunity to learn from the finest while bridging the gap of theory and real-world industry challenges. Our use of latest technologies and unique approaches will help your future academics requirements. We also focus on the soft skills required to improve your professional growth and ethics. We take in students from technical programs as well as universities in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, mechatronics engineering, marine engineering and software engineering for all our divisions at Nikini including Automation, Workshop, Solar, Marine and IT. We also take in internship applications in business related areas including finance, sales and marketing. Supply of Equipment Nikini Learning has partnered with Festo Didactic who bring over 40 years’ experience to the table when developing solutions for fast learning and successful retention for the entire spectrum of automation and technology. This expertise and experience puts us in a key position in the market of the future. Our success in catering laboratory equipments for the last 25+ years in the territory of Sri Lanka makes us the ideal partner for your requirements. Our areas of expertise in supplying of training kits Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatics Hydraulics & Electro-Hydraulics Programmable Logic Controllers with Simulators Mechatronics Sensor Technology Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing Technology and Process Engineering Telecommunication HVAC Renewable Energy All of above training kits includes their own curriculum and workbooks for your convenience. We are here for you to provide any customized solution depending on your need.

  • Industrial short courses | Colombo | Nikini Learning

    Online Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatis Gain the knowledge to successfully install, maintain and troubleshoot pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems and components. In many instances, the knowledge from our certificate courses can create cost savings when applied. Session 1: 4th Nov | 9am to 4pm Session 2: 5th Nov | 9am to 4pm LKR 3,250 + VAT per session Book Now OUR TEAM OUR SERVICES OUR COURSES & SCHEDULE Nikini learning Gallery GALLERY CONTACT & LOCATION Find us here Customised training s olutions Nikini Learning can bring you customised solutions for all your training needs. We can formulate a course specifically designed for your workplace or your academic class for the broad topics that we cover in Industrial Automation. Contact Us OUR TEAM Viraj .. Manager - Didactic & Special Projects Mazenod .. Technical Trainer TESTIMONIALS "Trainer has excellent knowledge about the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. I am very satisfied learning online basic Pneumatics course at Nikini Learning." Pneumatic student from Dec 2020

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